It's all white now

A long time ago our living room cabinets got installed and finished off with some MDF plates. Great! And oh yeah the brown....we'd paint that a bit later when we'd be doing all of the other remaining painting jobs.

2,5 years later I had the great impulsive idea to quickly paint a layer of white on that ugly brown on my day off before I'd go to visit the Leuven Kermis.

After 2,5 years I had clearly forgotten that things do not get painted quickly : I had to buy some new material, I spent 3 hours covering floors, ceiling, cabinets in a detailed plastified way, ... And then the first layer with a primer paint...oooh ugly. It doesn't look like anything yet and needs more paint. So while everything was adequately covered, we've spent the other evenings this week plastering the edges, playing with silicones and giving 2 more layers of paint.
And now it's all white! Yippeee.


Lilacspecs said…
Ooh, that brightens it up quite a bit.
rozebril said…
Spec-ta-cu-lair verschil! 'T is " a hell of a job", maar de voldoening achteraf is toch groot hè?!
It really looks so lovely! And you and Jan seem to have just excellent taste.

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