Leterme II

So since Herman Van Rompuy has found a new job, Belgium had a vacancy for prime minister once again. Number 4 in 2 years time...

It's an unwritten rule that the political party who has delivered the prime minister in the government, can deliver the replacement in case of a reshuffle so nobody contested that CD&V had to give a new prime minister.

And since Yves Leterme had brought in most votes in last elections, it seemed only logical that he'd take up his position again after his resignation one year ago, especially as he was still playing the 'victim' role, being treated unfairly and accused without reason.

But he had failed so often.
He was not trusted by other parties.
And some very difficult negotiations still had to be tackled...some he had failed to succeed in the past. So would the CD&V risk giving him that responsibility again, risking him to fail, risking to get the reputation of their vote trophee hurt again? Would other political parties accept him on the lead again?

Well...we got a very Belgian compromise again. Yves Leterme is prime minister again but will not lead the inter regional negotations about new state structures. The king has assigned an former experienced prime minister Jean-Luc Dehaene to do so. Hmm rather shamefull for Leterme I would think. But at least we have a government and the members are not trying to kill each other. I'm easily pleased lately.
So can we please continue governing now?


I thought U.S. politics were dense and confusing, but reading about Belgium always leaves me with a headache. I hope this all works well.
Lilacspecs said…
I can't believe they put Leterme back in. Only in Belgium.
Goofball said…
@Jen: I know it sounds horribly complex and it is.
But in all fairness: this shuffle is not triggered by a political crisis at all, it has not been accompanied by discussions & fights and one week after Van Rompuy's new position, we have already a new government sworn in. Rather smooth no?

Ok it's a weird doubtful compromis, especially for Leterme's reputation, but at least we've managed the skill to compromise again. 2 years ago nobody was willing to look at any alternatives and Belgium depends on compromises. That's our specialty.

@Lilacspecs: well I did lose my respect & trust in the capacities of Leterme the last 2 years too. But we must not forget that CD&V is the biggest Flemish party and Leterme had the most votes. There has not been an election yet, so those results still count. We are a democracy and some critics on internet fora don't count. And who else in the CD& V could take up the role?

I think there was simply no alternative. Unfortunately.

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