Sleeping Beauty

My sister and her family came to visit us in the Ardennes yesterday. The predicted clouds and cooler weather have never reached the Ardennes so we enjoyed the summer to the fullest.

We went for a walk to the power dam of Robertville where we tried to memorise the looks of the empty lake (due to maintenance on the dam this summer) as we'll probably can't picture the view as such anymore in a few months when the water is high anymore.

From there we took a little walk into the woods when we all of a sudden stumbled upon the castle of Sleeping Beauty (hmm, remarkably alike the fortress of Reinhardstein as we saw it on this walk but who are we to argue the mind of a 5-year old?)

When Jan heard that this was the castle of sleeping beauty all of a sudden he fell asleep as well.
Fortunately my nephew could wake up Jan and we managed to escape the bad spell before we were all asleep!


Doug Johns said…
What a great story! There is so much to explore in Europe! Perhaps that is why it has such an attraction for me. I have watched video of the Tour de France this year through a whole different "lens" after visiting. Love the photos.

Brian Miller said…
ha. the castle pics! would love to explore castles on day...
felicity said…

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