A weekend full of contrasts

It was a strange weekend full of contrasts....It started with my uncles funeral and ended with 2 birthday parties,  it had joy and sadness, heat & sunshine & threatening storms (and those can be fierce & sudden we unfortunately learned last week). I saw most of my relatives and hang out with a lot of friends.  I topped it all with a big sinus cold that keeps me sniffing with itchy eyes.

Here's some pictures of the better part of the weekend, the birthday parties

A monster truck!

Finally a sunny day...for now

Oh yes he still blows his candles in the most cute way


Griet said…
The circle of life ... It gave me a weird feeling also. Birth & birthdays + funerals. Quite strange to have them so close together. But in a way it all gave it an extra dimension. Thanks for being there!
Brian Miller said…
yeah my first thought was circle of life as well...hope you are feeling better this morning...

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