Made in Belgium: Noordkaap

Noordkaap is another group that grew famous after winning Humo's Rock Rally (in 1990).  They brought Dutch-speaking rock in the 90ies. The group, lead by Stijn Meuris, knows quite some band member switches and quits in '99 after which Stijn continues with new bands.

Their biggest commercial hit is rather atypical for Noordkaap:  "Ik hou van u " (I love you) , a simple walz that was quickly written for a Belgian movie soundtrack.  It's simplicity & happiness conquered Belgium as a big hit that became a classic.  There can't be a summer party where we don't grab our dancing partner a big closer while we walz clumsily over the dance floor singing all loud together "I love you, I love you, ...give me a kiss". 
The song was chosen as theme song for the 175 year Belgium celebrations in 2005, where it was relaunched in a bilingual text together with Marie Daulsne from Zap Mama who also gave it a little African flavour.  During the celebrations it was danced live at 12 main squares in Belgium in the same it became a little bit a new unofficial anthem ;).  There's worse anthems, don't you think?

Ik hou van u

Ik hou van u / Je t'aime tu sais

Satteliet Suzy

Wat is kunst?

Arme Joe (cover from Will Tura )


Brian Miller said…
ha ok this was a fun sound...wish i could understand, but i was enjoyable...

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