Made in Belgium: Sioen

Frederic Sioen seems like the most sympathetic neighbour boy who will pull out his guitar at the local barbecue and will turn the party in a fun but cosy party. Isn't cruising like the perfect song to doze off in the garden?

He's also known for his social interest, having organised the 0110 anti-racism concerts in Belgium at Oct 1st, 2006 after some racist murders  These concerts brought out thousands of people in simultaneous concerts in all Belgian cities with live tv broadcast.  After that he went for Oxfam to South-Africa and since then he sometimes collaborates with mucisians from Soweto.

Over the last years I thought it had grown silent around Sioen but now in 2012 he's completely back. yeay.

 Cruising - 2003

No conspiracy at all - 2007

 I'm not ready to love you like I do - 2012

Bad bad world - 2012

Automatic - 2009


Brian Miller said…
definitely enjoyed....would not mind hearing more of this one..

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