Whimsical April

"Let's fix the fence now first, now that it is dry"
...[everyone getting his jacket and dirty shoes]
"Oh we'll have to wait, it just started to rain again"

A few hours later I'm cruising in my car under a beautiful sun with some music on. 
... until to my left it looks dark grey with a big rainbow.

And then the road turns out to be wet splashing drips on my screen from the previous cars which were riding in their own little rainbows with the bright sun behind me.

Red flashlights warn me an accident on the opposite direction with a car parked  in the opposite direction on the highway.   Only a few kms further some more cars seem to have unsoftly touched each other with more deployment of firetrucks & ambulances. Yikes, that wet road with blinding sun in their direction seems scary.

Huh, was that snow in the middle of the road? I am imagining things. No, no I don't, there is white stuff on the right as well. Definitely more white now, even in between the lanes.  Ok can't be snow, melting hail then.  Doesn't make me feel good to be driving towards that dark grey sky ahead.

When I finally got home and just was inside, we had a snow shower.


Brian Miller said…
crazy...just north of us just had snow yesterday...in april...crazy

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