M-idzomer festival 2012

While last year our visit to the fairly new M-idzomer festival in Leuven was rather ad hoc planned, this time we had booked our tickets well in advance.  On Saturday we arrived rather late due to our diving trip, so we missed out on a lot of the performances but I made up for that on Sunday.

The fun part of M-idzomer in museum M is that it combines the music concerts from traditional festivals with stand-up comedy, dance performances , expositions in the museum, ... The concerts take place at the inner court yard of the museum and even when the festival is sold out (which was the case on Saturday for Intergalactic Lovers & Absynth Minded) you can still easily get around.  In contrast, it actually felt quite empty on Sunday when the festival wasn't sold out,  especially when it drizzled for a while.

Absynth Minded 


The dance performance of Cia Dansa was quite amusing about 3 girls that moved (and arrived in moving boxes) , then explored their new environment  and seemingly their own new territory where always one of the 3 friends seemed to stand apart and needed to regain her connection.

Poetically shuffling of moving boxes as part of a dance performance

At the exposition of Sol Lewitt, some students were describing a drawing to their friends at their back who had to try to sketch it based on the description. Quite amusing to watch.

The Dutch stand-up comedian Katinka Polderman was announced as  having the grace of a harbour worker and the character of a good beer.  Well, her elegance sure meets that of an elephant with rubber boots but her no nonsense down in your face songs/texts were quite funny.

Another Dutch artists on stage: Spinvis....Gosh that man's voice is the Dutch equivalant of Raymond van 't Groenewoud!!

the gorgeous building of Museum M in Leuven

 An installation


Brian Miller said…
very cool...looks like there was a lot of variety as well in what you took in...but lots of artistry as well...

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