It's not good enough

I spent a few more hours painting the first layer of wall paint on the attic yesterday but I kept spending time fixing more plaster issues: sanding some edges smooth or filling more holes that I had missed yesterday.

And yet it remained frustrating to paint...but isn't that always the case when you are with your eyes at 5 cms of the wall focussing on everything? Hell, I can point out a dozen imperfections in each of our rooms in Leuven and the Ardennes which we all renovated in the past.  But the thing is: once you put furniture in it and you start living in it, you don't see those small errors again. And you hope visitors don't see it either.

When Jan finally had a moment that Kabouter was playing by himself he joined me...and started sanding, and plastering and cursing as well. After 30 minutes he cursed "It's not good enough.  This is ugly." I cursed because I hoped the imperfections would be invisible to others. I cursed because I had been spending so much time in it already on my own during this long summer weekend where I could have been just outside in the garden enjoying myself.  I cursed because that meant my planning shattered to pieces on the floor.

Where I knew that my plan to do all the painting this weekend was an optimistic illusion, I still hoped to have Kabouter's room ready in July (and thereby liberating the guest room to guests again, allowing me to invite people over).  Now we'll need to spend more weekends sanding and plastering or using a fiberglass wallpaper (which is no miracle either and it doesn't look very cool but we've used it downstairs for the same reasons). And then I didn't plan the flooring yet.  Ugh....much more work and much more delays and more summer weekends that are spoiled due to work to be done. And getting work done with 2 little children running around is hard enough.

And then we still depend urgently on the carpenter to finish the doors and the frames around the roof windows so we can truly advance. 
Ugh, allow me to curse a bit more.  Bleh bleh bleh.

But having it all in primer is not a waisted effort at all. And at least I can spend today in the sun the entire day without feeling the discipline duty to work as soon as Beertje goes to nap (provided the sun returns from behind the clouds today)


yab said…
Ik vind toch dat die werken bij jullie goed opschieten, hoor!
Unknown said…
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Goofball said…
@yab: verwar niet met de werken in Leuven eh.

Deze begonnen vorig jaar in juli met de bouw van een badkamer en vielen dan stil tot in maart (terwijl ze geacht werden in januari weer te beginnen). Na een paar weken zeer goede vooruitgang...ligt het weer stil. Dus toch wel frustrerend hoor.

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