I found the last little bit of snow in Belgium!!

I made it no secret on social media that I was disappointed to be stuck in Leuven (with sick children) in the weekends that there was loads of snow in the east of Belgium. Hell, there was even a lot of snow in the west of Belgium but Leuven only got a miserable 2-3 cm for 2 days.  Compared to the previous years where we got 3-4 snow weekends in the Ardennes and/or a week of snow between Christmas and New Year, my hunger for big winter walks in the white powder didn't get fulfilled.  The gorgeous pictures from our neighbours in the Ardennes didn't help, neither all the Facebook flashbacks coming by.  I know I know, I'm spoilt. And I am a contradiction since I really don't want to go on a wintersport vacation :p. 

But alas, despite the big amount of snow in the Ardennes at the start of this month, great spring weather kicked in the last 2 weeks and so I knew we'd be heading to a "green" Ardennes. Finally we made it back, and making great walks in a spring sun is thousands times better than sitting at home being nostalgic for snow.

Much to my surprise I noticed that in Waimes and even as low as Malmedy, at the edges of parking lots in the shadow there are still the last bits of piles of snow. Wow, that must have been big piles of cleared (parking lot) snow that didn't fully melt yet. 

And on our walk though the woods and boglands, we also found regularly small patches of snow, which the children eagerly explored, poked, marched, threw.  

More to my surprise, at Belgium's highest point...exactly around the memorial plaque at 694m high...all snow was still on the floor. Not just a patch but fully covered ice/snow patch.  Ha! I found the snow edge of Belgium :D.


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