Monday, January 23, 2017

Roof windows and the first plaster board walls

On Saturday morning, we took the children and crawled under the plastic protective tarp on our staircase and explored the works on the top floors.  

And we saw VELUX roof windows :)
And a first room that was almost entirely in plaster board walls already
there was proof of a future toilet.
It's always good to see progress

And Kabouter chose his room ...the biggest one if the choice is up to him. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Climbing snow "mountains" in the garden

Kabouter wasn't ready to go inside yet after our sledging walk through the village, so he tired himself a big more in the garden...conquering the big snow piles and plowing with his small legs across the non shovelled garden.

When we got back in, the snow was in his ears, in his shoes, frozen into his sweater etc... despite his snowboots and pants and good jacket ;-). When you roll it gets everywhere.

He slept well Saturday night ;)

Sledging in the village

The sun shining on the white landscapes
Crisping snow under our feet
Smiling kids

... it's good here right now

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Shovelling our winter wonderland

We arrived back in the Ardennes in 50cm of snow... a true winter wonderland. Thankfully we only had to shovel our parking spot as the neighbours had done the rest previous week. I don't envy them!
But just a few parking spaces isn't too bad and Kabouter had fun in his attempts to help/sabotage us. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Every morning , around the time that my alarm clock starts playing, we hear the front door opening. Then there's noise of ladders being opened , material carried upstairs, people climbing on the scaffolding in front of our windows.  

After a break over Christmas and the new year, the renovation works have picked up again. We started the year with an insulated roof. In the mean time the south side has been tiled and has its window.  The floor of the 2nd floor has been renewed and walls on the 2 top floors are rising. The plumbing and electricity piping is prepared this week and the first walls are getting closed so we start feeling the "spaces" that have been recreated.

But I have to admit that I only climb up there once or twice a week and it's usually hard to see a lot in the darkness in the mornings and evenings.  It's good to see the progress but it's hard to think it'll still take many more weeks before we'll be able to move the boys into their new rooms....we'll have to continue to camp out together in our bedroom for now, which can be quite a challenge some nights. 

Unfortunately the renovations have invaded our living spaces as well as cables and tubes had to descend to the connections in the basement.  But they do their best to be as clean as you can be when drilling in the walls. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Visiting Beertjes godfather

Even though Beertje is still unaware to concepts of "New Year" and "New Year's letters" and even his godfather, we paid his godfather a visit at the start of this New Year. It's always nice to have a good excuse to go and visit our friends.  It's crazy how little you get to see friends even when they live really closeby.

There were some other godchildren present that afternoon, so we got to listen to their new year's letters and Kabouter ensured he assisted in extra present unwrapping, even though none of the presents were for him.

Beertje enjoyed the quality time with his godfather but at the end of the afternoon he started to whine as it was urgently time for his nap.   We set-up a little baby bed in the bedrooms and I rushed back downstairs to go and get the whining Beertje out of Jan's arms....


I had ran right into their glass living room door and while I saw some little decorations fell of the shelving above the door, I leaned against the wall trying to wonder what had just happened while everyone gathered around me from all directions, worried because of the noise of my crash.

Beertje enjoyed a second breath and started to play again while I tried to grasp my breath again with some refrigerated ice pack on my head.

But fortunately I have a solid head so a little later I could put back the ice pack, reassuring everyone that I was all right and go gently put Beertje in bed for his much needed nap.

the day after

And so all was fine again for a nice evening among friends, with too much good food and a lot of playing friends for our little ones.