Life goes on

Hmm I don't have much inspiration to write. A lot of things happened last week, but I don't know really what to write about it. It all seems irrelevant, cheesy or inadequate.

On Thursday there were the terror attacks in London which were shocking the world. It was fairly creepy since Jan was in that metro station half an hour before the bomb went off. But since it was him who was calmly letting me know about the attacks when we were both at work (he in London, me in Belgium), I was never really worried or scared.

It's amazing how quickly life goes on after the news. It almost seems like ware getting used to the fact that terror happens in our world now and then. It's horrible for the people involved. It's utterly a crual incomprehensible act. But if you're not closely involved, life quickly goes on after watching the news. We can feel guilty about it, I don't know if we should.

The weekend was in big contrast with 7/7 with the nice warm weather returning. I enjoyed some folk outdoor concerts in a small festival in Leuven, we continued the renovations in our house

and made a lovely big biketour along the river and some nearby towns on Sunday. It was such a great weekend.


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