Negative feelings

Do you ever get annoyed by something and it really pulls you down in a negative spiral of feelings? You are really pissed off over something even though you realise that you are overreacting. But somehow all of a sudden, everything annoys you and you work it out on other people and you hate yourself for it. But at the same time you are still angry, so somehow you don't care being difficult to others because everyone is being difficult at you at that moment.

It's really strange since you are not feeling pleasant and you want to feel better but at the same time you don't, because that annoyment is still in you. But then it slowly fades away a bit while just concentrating on daily little tasks and normal conversations.

Well, yesterday afternoon was like that for me. Something happened at work that pissed me off and I couldn't get rid off it right away. It was only after arriving at the festival of Ghent where I met some friends again and moving in the big crowd, looking for some good music, good snacks and atmosphere that you slowly forgot about it. Thinking back, the annoyment is still somewhere there below the surface but it's not going to pop-up like that anymore.

Yesterday we saw a good folk concert downtown Ghent. There were very many people out once more, the police had to close of some squares. that's too bad, because it kinda spoils the atmosphere if you can't move around easily anymore. The Park and Ride 24/24 system works excellent though with the new long trams going all the way to the huge parking lots of Flanders Expo. It only costs 2 euro to park and ride, so why bother anything else huh. you only need to stand up in the tram as it's quite full at night!!

Anyway, today is my day for catching up chores. I've been neglecting my appartment so much in the last 2 weeks, it's a real shame. So up I go: vacuuming, washing floors, cooking, cleaning shoes, ..... Lots to do. If just for once I can get myself going and keep going, there might be time left for a book or another sneakvisit downtown!


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