summer summer summer time!

Last weekend was already so perfect, how could this one be better?
Well I don't know if it was better. Last weeks folk concert in Leuven with the more than excellent Galician folk group, the lazy long biking tour in the country side, the outside italian dinner with Jan and even the construction work in our house was really good.

This weekend I opted for a "quiet" household chores evening at Friday because it was one of the only evenings that I was at home in my appartment. When Jan arrived he announced the great news that we were expected to be at the house in Leuven at 7.30 - 8 AM (one hour drive!). Great to start a weekend that early :(.

After a very sleepy morning I transformed myself back again in a grey construction site assistant. My main duty was dividing bigger bags of mortar into smaller portions to be mixed with the sand and water for our floor base floor on which the floor heating can then be installed. This duty explains the grey/black color that my clothes, skin, hear, etc... had.

Refreshed by a long nice shower back at home in Ghent, I walked downtown to enjoy the first evening at the festival in Ghent (yes I walked: tram had derrailed and the crowd waiting for the bus was too big. Walking was actually quicker than I expected: after 45 minutes I was downtown. ) . The crowd was big (150000- 200000) people but it was a great night althoug a bit cold. We watched the folk dances going on in the park. One of the next evenings I do want to go to such a folk dance initiations. It's so far the 3rd time I stand there watching the others line up and swirl around at the life folk jigs, bourées, etc.... but I don't know the steps. I will talk some of my friends into joining me at a session this week ;-).
We watched a very good concert of Chic at the subfestival of Pole Pole. I only knew them of some old funny disco hits, but they turned out to be a really good life band with great musicians and dancers shaking on the floating stage on the river. I am really glad I chose to see them over the great offer of concerts going on.

On Sunday we did sleep in a bit and then after a late long breakfast, the 3 (Jan, Sofie and me) of us drove to the other side of the country again. I had got free tickets for the Belgium Rhythm and Blues festival which goes on in the middle of nowhere near the Dutch/German border. A good opportunity to get to know a festival we didn't know yet, so of we went.
The festival was really nice: smaller, only 10000 people , but well organised, clean and very cosy (even with child care and a little children parade). We enjoyed our afternoon on a blanket in the sun just outside the open concert tent listening to the music, strolling along the food stands and little market, listening to the blues groups coming by. I am absolutely blues illiterate and I didn't know any of the artists, but I did appreciate it more than I had expected. It was really great!!! I might go again another year :-) and I might listen to blues a bit more often . Unfortanately we had to leave just before the 2 best acts would come on. But we all had to work today so we were committed to getting home at time. End of one of those marvellous summer weekends :-) .


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