The big babytour

Stef pushing himself up powerfully at home
This weekend was the weekend of the big baby tour. Jan had come home late on Friday night. The big baby tour started on Saturday morning with a visit in the maternity of his little niece Renée. As the last time, she was sleeping very peacefully in her little crib. Only when the pediatritian came bye she showed that she could cry as well in order to make it clear to us all that she didn't enjoy the examination. Her uncle was learning her to make funny strange faces right away.
Jan teaching Renée to make funny faces
In the afternoon we left quickly to help Jan's dad a bit who was working on the ceiling in our house. Fairly soon however we already needed to leave to drive all the way back (1 hour) to go to one of my friend's birthday party.
After sleeping in a bit on Sunday morning, we continued our baby tour. My sister has come home from the maternity yesterday morning, so we had to check whether Stef enjoyed his new home.
Stef proved once more to be a very powerful little boy who does everything with a lot of conviction and strenght: sleeping, moving and crying as well! When he's awake, he can push himself really up and turn his head around to "look" around in the room. He can also cry with a lot of power, exhausting the people around him!! But finally he did fall a bit unexepectedly asleep in my arms, which I enjoyed very much.

In the afternoon we went to a baby party of one of our friends who got a baby 3 weeks ago in the Netherlands. They all invited their Belgian friends over at his parent's villa. The weather was absolutely fabulous (something we couldn't say very often this lousy summer) so we enjoyed the big garden, the food , the many children running around (some chickens will still have some stress trauma we believe!!) and of course their cute little son, Thijs, who quietly enjoyed all the attention.


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