Renée is born! I am an auntie once more

Jan's sister, Virginie, gave last night birth to a little girl Renée. So tonight I'll rush to a different hospital to visit another little baby :-). (sorry Stef, can't visit you every day :-( ).
All went really well and quickly last night. She is 49 cms and 2,9 kg! She clearly has inherited her parent's slim figure!

The birth today wasn't too unexpected as I had heard that she had already some contractions yesterday afternoon. Virginie was due 3 days later than Griet. Griet gave birth one day before the calculated day, Virginie did 2 days before. Wow, I don't think I'll ever experience that much of a baby boom around me again :-). So right now I am a triple aunt: Stef (my sister's son, 3 days old), Luisa (Jan's brother's daughter, 6 months old) and Renée (Jan's sister's daughter, 1 day old). Not to speak of the baby boom among my friends. Debbie, it's now your turn to finalize this week!!

Pictures of Renée will be posted later


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