Stef is born!! I am an auntie!

This morning my little nephew is born!!! Yeaaah Griet and Wim have a little boy: Stef. He is born early this morning. My sister has been in labour for almost 24 hours, but the first 12 hours were quite calm. They went to the hospital last night and this morning, Stef made his first entry into our world.

Stef is 47 cm tall and weights 3,290 kg. He has already a lot of dark, long hair and his has the exact same nose as Wim does but also resembles my sister a lot when she was a baby (according to my mom, I can't judge that).

He came one day before he was expected, right after I came back from Cologne. How polite not to get born when I was abroad ;-). So I am a very proud auntie!! More pictures and stories to come (it's reallly bedtime for me now, the weekend was tough at the world youth days in Cologne. more stories on that subject to come as well later...) .


pinkjules said…
Congratulations on being an auntie Elle!

Stef looks like a beautiful baby boy!!

thinking of you.

many hugs,
Katrien J. said…
Proficiat aan papa Wim, mama Griet en tante Ellen.

Aan kleine Stef: welkom in deze wonderlijk wereld !

Anonymous said…
Proficiat Tante Ellen!

veel groeten aan je zus en schoonbroer en aan de trotse opa's en oma's!


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