Wrong bio-rhythm

It's so typical... this morning I couldn't get out of my bed, I arrived like a zombie at work and most of the day my concentration was struggling against fatigue. I didn't quite get it as I had slept enough. Nevertheless my thinking seemed to be slowed down all morning. But then in the late afternoon the cloud all of a sudden cleared up and I got going. It was about time because my day wasn't that productive up to then. By the time most people started thinking about leaving, I really was working myself through the planning management. This combined with my big backlog at work, resulted in once more some nice overtime. Pfff, typical.

So now I am late at home, ate late, ... and still want to do so many things. Right now I feel quite awake although it's almost bedtime already. Argh, I truly believe I have the wrong bio rhythm. I am simply not fit for normal business hours. I've never ever enjoyed getting up early and I don't believe I will change one day. why do I always feel awake when I should go to bed? Why do I need to walk around for half an hour in the morning before I can start to think properly?

I just wish it was a bit less busy lately. I feel like I can never relax anymore. My to do list grows faster than I can tick off things. Last weekend, I left Jan alone to work in our house, while I stayed home to work through some of the chores on my to do list here (tax application, etc... you know... that fun stuff that you always postpone). I felt guilty for not helping in our house, but on the other hand, I can't do all those chores in the evening after work. Sometimes you just need to have time to concentrate and 10 PM isn't the optimal time to do those things. why isn't there 28 hours in a day???
In the evening we went to a music & dancing event in Bruges. Unfortanatly we arrived quite late already and it was pouring. So we basically only went with friends for a drink in the Irish Pub on one of the historic squares. It seems becoming a tradition: last year we were hungry and spent most of the time in a bistro. It was fun catching up with everybody though. It's always fun going to Bruges anyway.

Anyway, on Sunday we went back to our kitchen store where we did get a fairly good offer for a kitchen design. But it's too early to make any decisions, we are still in the phase of taking all suggestions in and letting it settle in our mind. Hopefully it'll all be more clear in a month or so. but it's all so expensive. :( :(. We walked around a bit on Markrock, the city festival in Leuven that draws about 300 000 people in 3 days. It has 4 stages in the city and schedules mainly Belgian music, but also some big international names like Texas and Craig David. We were quite early and we didn't know anybody on stage and there wasn't very many people out yet (probably scared away by the rain), so we didn't stay long.

Monday was busy as well as we went all day to a big bbq in Jan's family. We had some bad luck with the lousy weather that made us sit inside. It was still very very chilly. What a lousy summer, where is the sun, where is the heat?? I truly expect better than this. It's really depressing. Jan's brother's little girl (6 months old) was there too. She is such a cutie , always full of amazing energy, alert and curious for everything that's happening around her. She's truly publicity for babies!!


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