Short haircut

Jan is currently in India and therefore I have the weekend for myself. I enjoyed it by first of all taking the time of to relax and do things I enjoy.
This afternoon I started a big operation to catch up with some household chores that I didn't manage to do last weeks when I was so tired and coming home late at night (and in the weekends we worked in the house!). It's fun: I had more energy and I can make a fresh new start for the new week with freshly cooked food, a clean house, etc...

But the most exciting thing this weekend was getting a new haircut. It had been quite a while since I went to the hairdresser so even though my last haircut was fairly short, it had grown long again. I just let the hairdresser do her thing and the result is shorter than last time but I like it very much. It feels so energetic to have this short hairstyle :-).


Anonymous said…
Love the haircut my friend! Isn't it one of the best things that you can do to uplift your spirits and give you a new outlook on life?

It is like you are a whole new person!

~ Allie
Anonymous said…
Ge ziet er goed uit, zus! Ben ook aan een restyling toe!

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