Unexpected visit

Last Tuesday I was checking my mails and much to my surprise I read that Frank and Barb Wloka (Canadian friends currently living in Moscow) were in Leuven. Since I haven't seen them in 3 years (I then enjoyed their hospitality in Moscow) and Belgium is a small country, we arranged to meet each other on Wednesday evening. So instead of driving home to Ghent, I drove the opposite direction.

I picked up Barb at the hotel and we walked first to our house. I had fun touring Barb around in our house that we are renovating in Leuven and to show her the progress and to discuss with her about our ideas and plans :-).

Later on the evening, Frank had come back from his meetings and we enjoyed a delicious Indian meal. Time flew by and we talked and talked and talked. I honestly had the feeling that we have always seen each other, it didn't feel like 3 years had gone by at all. Then you know that some friendships will last forever, despite the distance and time. Barb and Frank, thanks for the chat and I am looking forward to meeting you again someday, somewhere this world (Brussels, Leuven, Moscow, Creston BC, ..... your choice. But I suggest Ghent ;-) ).


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