Active but relaxing weekend on my own

Yesterday morning Jan left early in the morning to Mumbai. So I was on my own all weekend without any real plans beforehand. So it was my goal to relax but also get some chores done that were left behind.

..and so I did. After sleeping in until almost noon (I really needed that...Friday was the third night in 2 weeks time with a bad headache of fatigue), I drove to Deinze where I washed my car. Hmm that was really needed after 15000 km. It so looks like a different car now and it's so shiny that I took a picture of it. So you can all see which car I am driving (and the great publicity that is on it ...hmm...ok it could be much worse)

Furthermore this weekend I did a lot of cooking (mmm chicken with mango...and fish with plums and gruyère), I cleaned my appartment thourougly, I fixed a mirror that came down long time ago, I hang up a new curtain that came down, cleaned up piles of paper that had started to grow on my cupboard for a while now, .... It's not chores that I like to do at all but my appartment was in a fairly dirty state so I had no choice. And I did it on my own pace with loud music, while reading in my book now and then and now I can relax tonight in front of the tv and enjoy it all. :-). Yippeee, I am ready for a new demanding week.


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