Babysitting Stef

Sandra reading to Stef

On Friday Sandra and I went to babysit Stef. He was cute as ever, at one point pulling the towel behind his head over himself resulting in some kind of folkloristic look that resembled a Dutch farmers woman with a lace white hat. He made us laugh so much but then he gave us a very amazed look at the sounds we made which made us laugh even more.

Stef with his folkoristic look

He was very tired though and fell soundly asleep when giving him his last bottle of milk.....until he woke up, he had to cough and then he puked the milk all over me and him. So we both had to change our outfit!

Stef with full stomac still soundly asleep.....


Allie said…
Wow - Steph is no longer a little boy is he??

I can't believe how much he has grown!!

And, he only puked on you Auntie Ellen because he loves you.....just wait until he starts on the solids. :)

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