Sunday we went to Belgium's biggest "building" fair as do all Belgians that with renovating or building plans. And since Belgians are born with "a brick in their stomac", it's one of the main fairs of the country. 360 000 people came there last week and we were 2 of them. It's a huge fair with lots of halls: one dedicated to kitchens, one dedicated to bathrooms (or wellness centers as they are now apparently more called), one to heating, one to building stones, etc etc....

Unlike last year we only had to concentrate on kitchens and bathrooms, whereas a year ago we still were looking for bricks, tiles, heating, .... Everything basically. It's really nice to see what's on the market and to dream, but it's torture for your feet. Especially if you are wearing big high heeled boots as I did. Lesson learned: don't wear high heeled boots on a big fair like this as! I really struggled to keep going at the end :(.

We came across some relatives with renovation plans as well. Fairly amazing in such a big crowd.

So now we have to quickly decide or kitchen appliances as they already came to measure the kitchen and we want it to be installed in the coming 6 weeks.

ah yes, on Saturday I got a new haircut. After 18 years I have bangs again....which are nice but itchy!


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