A cold sunny sunday to regain energy

Yesterday and friday were very difficult. I felt exhausted and very stressed with the go-live we have to do and all the linked problems.
On Friday morning I got some vaccinations (tetanus, hepatetis, ...) and I think that was the reason that I got fever yesterday. All of a sudden I felt shivering and hot and cold and not able to concentrate very much. Thanks to some medication that my colleagues had, I felt a bit better again and I managed to work all day...although it remained a struggle.

Today I slept until noon to get some cath-up sleep and then I went to see my parents and then Griet, Wim and little Stef. Jan has left yesterday morning on a ski vacation in France with some friends. In the town where my sister lives, there was a carnaval parade coming by so I had to park at distance and walk to her house.

Stef has grown a lot and he is now sitting independently and eats in a toddler chair. Hurray for Stef :-).

When I came home I felt quite tired again and much to my surprise I was having a bit of fever again. So I'll go to bed now in half an hour after a long warm shower. Goodnight!
Next week I'll stay in a hotel again at the coast so I'll be able to sleep more since I don't have to drive up and down.


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