Damn damn damn, we just got a mail from the kitchen makers.... The doors that were last week not delivered and that were causing a delay have now arrived. But they thought the quality was not good enough and have sent them back to the factory.... and so we still don't get our kitchen next week.

Aaaarrrgh lqkjfoauirpaéio^wklqjfazioiurapàui

Great, just what I needed in this hectic week. I must honestly admit that I am quite stressed and tired and I was panicking at work. Still so much to do and I did not find clarity in all the data templates anymore and we are truly running out of time. Everytime I find new mistakes in the data etc and we only have 2 more days to complete the lists and correct them. They still need to manually search for a lot of data , ...i hope they can make it.
One platform got delayed, but mine has to go through at the fixed date. We will go life too, but I am just afraid that we'll miss data or that their will be mistakes in the loaded data that will cause problems after go-live with the new software.
Oh well, we'll see, I am sure going ahead some more too long and tooo stressful weeks. Help me. Thank goodness I have this holiday to catch some breath again...

In order not to make this too much of a negative note, I'll add some of today's pictures of Stef at my parents home. He is surprising us all by how he loves to walk already (of course we still need to hold him a lot ) at his 9 months of age. Well, I suppose he is craving for some mobility since he does not crawl over the floor.


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