Easter in London

We left Belgium on vacation on Easter Saturday and took the plane for Mombai in London Heathrow. This left us the opportunity to hang around in London a little bit on Easter Sunday before we took off.

We attended the church service at Westminster Cathedral. I've never been in a church service when a third of the people must have had a tourist guide in their hands in church :p. There was a huge crowd in the cathedral and we had to be standing up all the time.

I've told before that I really love the sounds of church bells or belfry tower bells. Especially on Easter I expect a lot of bells sounding through the city. The bells at Westminster Cathedral were only the sad solemn bells though, no happy glorious bells to announce the good news. Just a very solemn announcement to be made. Westminster Abbey on the contrary was just happily ringing all morning over town. They do seem to have a distinction between happy and sad bells (cf the funeral of Princess Di).

Afterwards we went to walk in St Jamess park secretly hoping that there were still chocolate eggs hidden in the park. I don't know if there were ever hidden eggs at St James's but there definately was no search anymore going on after lunch and there were most certainly no eggs hidden anymore. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to organise a search there in a park full of squirrels.... I suppose the Easter bunnies were smart enough to think about that.


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