Back to normal life

yeaaah I am back at home, not in the hotel anymore!!
yeaaah I cooked myself some dinner with freshly bought ingredients, for the first time in weeks!
yeaaah I can sit down at my computer at night and chat with Jan and friends and update my blog.

bummer though that since Monday every non straight movement I make, gives a boost of pain in my back, which afterwards slowly fades away again. So I'd better not make this my so long awaited "update my blog night". :( there is so much in my head still that I want to tell you all.
I promise that I'll get back up to date little by little and that I'll write e-mails to all those people that I wanted to write e-mails to to get back in touch but that I have been neglecting!

It's good to be home though even when you then have to do the dishes after dinner ;-). And I urgently need to clean my appartment too... when my back isn't sore anymore.


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