Jans pictures are better

Jan says that his pictures are better, so here they are. And we are polling: is the kitchen too white and should we paint the left wall in olive green :
1) yes completely. go for it, paint the entire wall
2) hmm an entire wall would be too much, but a band of green could be a refreshing accent
3) no please leave it this white


Anonymous said…
That is personal taste of course, but I'd put some colour on it. The whole wall or part of it, I don't know. Is there a protection on the wall against fat splashes?
Your sissy.

P.S. getting ready for "de foute 128"?
Allie said…
I vote for #1 - add the olive green! It would likey open the kitchen up giving the illusion that it is bigger and more open.

No matter what you decide to do though, it looks fabulous! You guys are doing an amazing job on all of your renovations!

I am very much looking forward to coming over and checking your new house out!!

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