End of loooooong weekend

this is the end of my long weekend. I took 3 days off, Friday, Monday and Tuesday and so I enjoyed a 5 day weekend. It didn't seem that long at all: in summer it is so natural to sleep in, go to the market in the sun, cook a bit, clean (with lots of water: mirrors, the car, washing floors, ...), read books in the sun, have a barbecue, go see friends and go and see some concerts. I guess that would be a lot to do in a normal weekend, but it was pretty relaxed in those 5 days.

Some friends came over to Leuven to check out the kitchen and go for a walk to the nearby Abbey or to "Beleuvenissen": a festival each friday in downtown Leuven. Last Friday were 7 concerts in the different squares with folk music and a lot of people outside. We ate downtown outside. Very very enjoyable as always! I also could enjoy a bit our "garden" (piece of earth still) in the summer sun with a good book. Lovely.
And I also had the discipline to touroughly clean my appartment in Ghent! What a perfect combination.

It is hard to imagine now that tomorrow this will be over. I should become a teacher really to have a longer summer vacation. But that's a lousy reason to become a teacher. I know I wouldn't enjoy it. So I'll stick to my job. 3 more days and it's weekend again ;-). Yoeeehooeee! Summertime


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