I am melting

Gosh ...it's too hot to work.
I have sooo much difficulty to concentrate, we are all sweating here and drinking water and looking for ways to cool off, but it doesn't cool off. So I might as well add a little note to my blog.

When I get up, I slip in my shoes because I have sweaty feet and there are wet lines visible on my T-shirt. pfffffffff :( . I wanna go home and sit in the shower. The afternoon is just crawling by tooo slowly. Why do we all stay here and pretend we work, while we all have a lot of trouble working efficiently anyway. What's the point?

zzzz, I feel sleepy. One more hour and I am out of here, in the torture of my overheated car (yesterday it took quite a while before the airco started having an effect and before it did, I got a big headache).

On the other hand, in hot weather it always feels like vacation doesn't it? This weekend I couldn't quite imagine that I only had 2 days off. I felt like childhood where the summer lasts for months and you can do fun stuff, or be lazy or do an excursion and stay up late and the next day again and the next day again and the next day again. On the roads you see all packed cars driving in the direction of the South, or on the roads you see groups of kids walking by to a playground or something. I wish I was a kid again so I could have 2 months of "playtime"!

Summer music festivals are part of summer as well. last weekend it was the 32nd edition of Rock Werchter, the biggest rock festival in Belgium that currently lasts 4 days (80000 people a day). i was more interested though to go to Couleur Café this weekend in Brussels: a colorful world music festival with lots of activities next to it. We were ready to take off Sunday after lunch when I read on the internet that it had sold out. 32000 people were already on site and they did not admit any more people. Pff that was a disappointment. I had never been to Couleur Café but it is supposed to be really good and some good groups were coming. Since last year I wanted to try to discover a new festival each summer. But so it wasn't last weekend.

Oh well, i'll get tickets again for the Belgian Rhythm and Blues festival in 2 weeks. That was fun and cosy last year. And that weekend starts the festival in Ghent again.

Hmm despite the heat which is a little exaggerating right now, I love the summer!


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