Boombal in Deinze

After watching some boombals at the Gentse Feesten and Dranouter from the side, after watching a fest-noz in Brittany, I really felt it was time I finally learned some of these traditional folk dances myself.

It was the first time that I could convince some friends to join me to go to a boombal. I am too much of a chicken to show up totally on my own. But this time Greet, Katrien and Marijke were going to join me...well in the end it was only Katrien en me. Thanx Katrien to join me! It was fun no?

It is amazing how many people show up for those boomballs lately. All of a sudden young and old seems interested in live folk music again and the dances. We took part in some of the initation and now I can proudly say that I know how to dance e.g. a "Scottish" or a "Tovercirkel" :p. Woohoo.

Because we also wanted to have a drink, because we were tired after a few dances and because we saw multiple familiar faces in the crowd, we ended up not dancing that much which is a pity :(. Next time I'll try to learn more dances!! but it was fun anyhow.


Allie said…
Just to set the record straight between Jan and I:

Was there any mooning going on? :)
goofball said…
no no no, noo mooning at boombals. it is very decent and very fun.

check out the explanation, agenda etc at

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