Happy birthday to Stef

Wooohooo I can't believe it but Stef already turned one year old.

One year ago I got the phone call from a tired and emotional Wim in the morning to tell me that I was an auntie! One year ago I was boring all my colleagues all day by telling them so proudly that little Stef was born. And one year ago I rushed out of the office unusually early to go to the hospital and see that little tiny baby sleeping in his crib.


I didn't realise babies grow so fast in that first year. That sounds like a really silly remark but the image I have of "baby' is not a child that attemps to walk and eats patotoes and says some first words etc anymore but someone you have to hold carefully and support the neck and is tiny.

From the very start Stef prooved to be a powerfull little boy, pushin himself up and almost not needing any support in his neck... and he grew and started sitting... and started babbling a bit ... and started walking with our help by Easter and now he is walking alone (sometimes more steady than other moments, fair enough) and eating bread and olives and ... independently. Congratulations Stef !! I hope you had a fun day even though you did not realise at all what was going on!! A big hug from your proud auntie...


Anonymous said…
Hi auntie Ellen (well that's another name we can call you : Stefs says "auto" by now, so now we'll teach him how to say "auntie").
Thank you for you congrats. I'm sure Stef will be very pleased to read it later(let's say, in 3 years if you see how fast he changes and learns ... ;-))))
Big hugs
Allie said…
wBirthday Greetings from Canada Stef!!

You bring everyone in your life so much joy and are loved very much!

I can hardly wait until you meet Auntie Ellen's other nephew named Kaelen. He is going to be turning 2 in a couple of weeks. Maybe soon, he will come for a visit to play.
Anonymous said…
To Allie from Stef :
that sounds like a very good idea! I'm sure I'll hear from auntie Ellen when I can meet Kaelen and you, of course. Looking forward to it!
goofball said…
to Stef: yes and then Kaelen will teach you how to play golf!! I imagine you will love that very much. check it out at Allie's blog (link on the right of my site).

and if you want you can call me auntie but I guess tante is just as hard/easy to learn.

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