Post vaction blues

pff I have the blues. Why is coming back out of vacation always so hard? Even though we didn't sleep in that much last vacation, nevertheless the alarm clock was ruthlessly hard this morning.

I had to go for the first time to the platform in Limburg (east of Belgium) which is always a bit weird in the beginning: searching for a spot to sit, a more or less comfortable chair (thanx to my morning slowness, the others picked the best chairs before I got there), searching the coffee machine etc. And then a long long list of mails was waiting full of exciting problems...NOT.

The entire day at work was a struggle to concentrate and get something done. But I had the impression we were all in the same kind of mood. I guess the project is starting to be a very long time... we had all hoped that all wholesales would have been swichted software by now, but this last one didn't get ready in June so it's left for us to switch now this fall :(. Darn. Pff not been very productive but the next days will be better due to the lack of choice. In the coming days half of my agenda is filled with telesales training sessions. My dozing blues mood will soon have to be finished.


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