Up to Brittany!

Only a couple of hours of work anymore and then I am off finishing the packing of my suitcase.
Tomorrow morning we should leave early in the direction of Brittany, France. Yippeeee.

I am not quite in a vacation mood yet, but I wasn't so before we left to India either. I am sure tomorrow I'll feel completely different. Too bad the weather predictions suck...it's going to be cold and we'll be treated to some showers as well in the one week we will be there. Oh well, let's just hope it's not going too bad, I already packed a rain jacked, a fleece and long trousers. the optimist in me has thrown in 1 short and 2 bikinis anyway. You never know the preditions turn out completely wrong ;-). However I didn't throw in my sunscreen factor 30.... if the predictions are wrong, 4 10 and 20 will suit just as fine!

It's going to be quite a different vacation than what I am used to. First of all we go by car...that's been ago from 2004 when we went on skivacation and before that.... eumm a long weekend with a friend during university and before that '94! However the advantage that you can pack much more, is countered by the fact that we will be seating four people in the car and luggage for 4 adds up quickly. So I have to refrain my enthusiasm anyway when packing . And hopefully so do the others.

Secondly it will be different because I am going for the first time since 15 years approx. with my entire family on vacation. Griet and I bought my parents this trip for their 40th anniversary. We could have bought them a new tv or something (which they need!) but we felt this was way more appropriate. So we can spend one entire week together with the 7 of us: my parents, my sister, her husband and little Stef and jan and I. Woohoo it'll be busy in the house we rented!

I am quite excited to go to Brittany. Everybody says it's so nice and none of us has ever been there. Hmm there is a lot to see (Mont St Michel, Saint Malo, Dinant, Dinart, wild coast, ...) but nevertheless we don't want to plan too many excursions ahead of time. Hey it's vacation, let's take the day as it comes! Hmm and lets eat good food: French cheese, seafood, Brittany's famous pancakes. mmm.

We are also taking 4 bikes with us, although I think I'll only make rides with my sister. My condition seems to be in such a bad shape that it's sad. Last Monday Jan and I made a really small ride and I was absolutely out of breath and my legs were very tired that evening. Ooops, I need more practise! but slowly building it up again.

I think that little Stef will enjoy himself the most....the constant attention of 6 adults all week. How spoiled will he get? ;) . Shall we try to teach him his first words in French already. Hihi.


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