A zoo on the road

Yesterday morning there was a dog on the highway. It wasn't scary since all the cars in front of me were already signaling the both orange lights that there was a traffic jam and I could see in far the flashing lights of a police car. So everyone had already reduced speed considerably while thinking there would have been an accident, when I saw the dog running. It looked like a wolflike Lassie limping over the road and the police car backing up behind it.
yeaaah way to go guys.... that'll make the dog take the previous exit for sure ??

Only seconds later I realised that on the other side of the highway there was a big traffic jam and I heard in the traffic report that an accident had happened. I guess the limping dog had something to do with it. And I am sure was glad there was already a traffic jam before so I didn't notice a dog on the road in full speed.

In the afternoon I heard this on the radio:

E314 Lummen > Leuven in Bekkevoort
31-08-2006 13u54
Bron : CIC Brussel meldt :Dier op de rijbaan op de E314 Lummen > Leuven ter hoogte van Bekkevoort richting Leuven. Koe op de rijbaan.

What ... a cow??? How did that end up on the road? A cow dreaming that he was in India???

Today there was a dog on the highway again in the north of Antwerp. It's becoming a zoo out here!!

But worse was in fact that in front of our door across the road a drunk driver has crashed in some parked cars (not mine!) and has hit a biker and just drove off. When I woke up the road on the other side was full of police and later on I heard in the news what had happened. Fortunately they caught the guy quickly. Let's cross our fingers for his victim who would now be stable in the hospital.


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