Appartment has been rented

I just see on the website of Immoboss that my appartment is now in the category "rented appartments" and not anymore in the list of "for rent". Great, very nice of them to let me know. I am amazed by their communication towards me!

So I suppose this post has become obsolete. I only showed one young couple around in the beginning of November. After my very proud little tour, they said they intended to take it and it sounded very credible. I was so surprised that on the real-estate website my appartment just remained 'for rent' . I did not get any calls anymore for seeing the appartment though (the first day I got two of them).

So either Immoboss is 16 days late in updating their site (way to go! very professional) or they've just rented it to people that did not see the appartment. I suppose it's the first option. Maybe the couple did not pay right away and the real estate kept its options open?

So my feeling that this place would be rented again right way, seems to be correct. I started to doubt my own judgement about this appartment: that it is very nice, modern, well equiped and a good deal.

It's a relief that there are already new renters but it's also a bit strange. Somehow I consider this as "my spot" even though I am taking more and more distance of it and I don't spend much time here anymore in Ghent. But this is still "my appartment" in my mind. It's hard to picture other people in here in different furniture. I guess it's just a Belgian reaction: I have not moved much yet and as a result I am always very attached to the spot where I live.


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