Bricks are heavy !!

Jan and I are sitting in the seat right now and not feeling like coming out right away. We were reminded today again that bricks are soooo heavy, in case we would have forgetten it.

We opened the wall more between our future bedroom and dressing and we kicked out the old fireplace. While Jan's dad and Jan did the heavy work of breaking out, I did my best to clean out the fallen pieces of bricks and dust and plaster into big bags asap while trying to remain out of the falling zone. We progressed quite fast and soon we could start cleaning up and Jan had the honor to carry the heavy bags of approx 40-50 kg ( 20 of them!!!) downstairs. Amazing how much waste we collected by doubling the door opening and breaking down some fireplace!! 800 up to 1000 kg! Poor Jan. Poor van taking it to a container park.

And afterwards the fun remained to free the entire house of the dust layer that we had gathered. Oh what a joy!!! (yes you notice some irony in my remark, although it feels rewarding to see the dust disappearing again). So now we are sitting in a seat and that is sooooooooooooooo nice! Enjoying our progress we made today and the clean house. I feel like a nap though.

opening the wall

taking out the fireplace walls that stick out too much.

The result

A bit of explanation: the back wall (currently grey) and the white wall next to it becomes a dark wardrobe that continues in the dressing next to the bedroom in the form of an F. So the opening won't stay as wide as currently. The dressing isn't like an open wardrobe, just a small room next to the bedroom with only wardrobe in it and the entry to the bathroom. I really hate the wardrobes without doors...haven't seen any that I like and I keep thinking that your clothes gather more dust. Or maybe I know I am just too messy to keep it all clean and tidy. The sliding door in the bedroom (incorporated in the wardrobe and therefore hiding the door opening if closed) will be opposite to the sliding door of the bathroom which is again directly opposite of the opening the the lower bathroom and the window there. It should all become nicely aligned.


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