Car manufacturing errors

What is this with cars? it's fairly often that you hear in the news that a specific manufacturer has to recall a whole bunch of cars because there might be a production error somewhere that needs to be fixed.

When driving a Peugeot, I had to bring it in once for a fault the car dealer didn't even know about? Last June my Renault got the back seat belts fixed for something and tonight I found a new letter in the mailbox: the slides of the windowsuspension mechanisme could work incorrectly what could potentially lead to a break in the mechanism. For the insurance of the lease company I am obliged to go back once more to the dealership to get this fixed.

In this week where it's all in the news that the VW factury in Brussels is losing its production line for the Golf (4000 of 6500 employees will loose their job), I can't help but wonder if many of their Golfs would ever been recalled for production errors?


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