Child imagination

Allie's post "how babies grow" inspired me to think about my child imagination. I don't think it was as vivid as hers. And I never thought babies already started growing in children already, ...they simply grew in a woman after they were married for 1 year. Simple no?

I did have a very clear picture of our digestion system inside our tummy. My tummy was inside a big gothic hall with a throne. My heart was on the throne, I did understand the heart was the highest in rank. My tummy hall had huge pillars, 2 rows of them. Other than that it was fairly empty but with an endless stream of little pieces of food walking by in a tribute to the heart. When the stream of foodpieces ended, the heart was angry and then I became hungry and I had to eat again. I could also not eat tooo big chuncks because that was not pretty or eat to quickly or too slow. Hmm too slow? No i don't think I ever had a problem with eating too slow.

I also remember in church that I thought the church books were full of fairytails about snowwhite. And when the priest bowed down, i was convinced for years he was just checking that there were no candy papers on the floor!! It is very important to keep your church clean, you know!

And prison was like a collection of gardenhouses next to each other (don't ask me why!!!) but dark as night inside full of monsters unther the bed. Not a nice place to be locked in. That was the picture I got when a far relative scared me with some stories about prisons.

Geez do all kids have such absurd imagination?

I also remember at one point that I was drawing a house and a man. The man was about as big as the house and clearly would not fit through the door. Other kids next to me had drawn about the same thing (it was a drawing competition ). But all of a sudden I realised my man could not go through the door, so I had to readjust the house and draw a door up to the roof. It didn't look as pretty but at least my man could sleep inside at night. I didn't win and I was very disappointed because I had the only house where the man could go inside!!! And the jury didn't notice that. Pffff.


Allie said…
I would say Ellen, that your imagination was quite active from this post! :)

Stay tuned for more Allie and Christie adventures because we have a ton of them and Kaelen seems to be following the path of making his Mommy relive them. :)
Anonymous said…
Help, my girlfriend is gaga :)

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