A diesel in the basement

I am such a diesel....no I am much worse than a diesel. I first need to loads of time, relax, hang out to come to a point that I am fed up doing nothing and then I really get going. It's my disease and explanation for coming late (I need to SNOOOOOZZZEE) (and don't dear to rush me at breakfast!!) , for eating my sandwishes behind my computer at work (hmm lost too much time getting started and I am just getting up to speed and now I have to go for lunch?), for usually working 30-60 min later than I planned to go home (what a waste to go home now, I am just kicking ass in my to do list at the moment!!), for going to bed too late (well I just started washing the floor at 23h30 after watching tv all evening), ....

I remember when studying for exams at university that I studied about 20 pages in the morning, 150 in the afternoon and 300 in the evening! Diesel Ellen, that is...definately not a morning person.

I also notice that the weekend that I don't plan to do anything are usually the weekends I get to do most. I love to sleep in and then spend a long morning at breakfast/tv/sudoku puzzles/... Then it is time to clean up a bit, but not without any reading breaks or maybe even a Vitaya tv show or something. Before I know it , it is middle afternoon on my lazy afternoons.

And then there comes a point that I am tired of watching tv, since there is really nothing decent to watch at daytime, tired of reading a book and all of a sudden I remember all the chores in my head that really should be done. And I start cleaning or washing the windows or ....

Last Sunday was no different. Jan and I really relaxed most of the day, we went for a short walk in the neighbourhood to check out the fitness prices of the nearby fitness center (yes yes the intentions are there!), ....and at 5 PM I really felt the urge to finish the painting in the basement. The planned 90 min that I said to Jan became 150 minutes, but I am so glad that it is done! Now it is all ready for the racks to be bought and installed and our stuff being neatly stored...only to free up the other basements that clearly still need loads of work.

After painting the metal supports on the ceiling bright red, the floor got its finishing layer of paint.

One part of the basement done....but visibly more space urgently needing renovation! Makes up for a nice before and after picture, no?


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