I love Belgium

This is sooo over the top that it becomes funny.... This is where our taxmoney is going to: a government movie to teach us to be more proud of our country. Well I suppose that in comparison with other nationalities, we are indeed not known for our pride in our country and its symbols.

As a counterweight to this movie, I can add that Belgium has lowered on the UNDP report(UN development programme) from the 11th place to the 13th place concerning prosperity. Apparently this does not mean that we have become less prosperant, our score has remained unchanged in the last years, but other countries are catching up. Weird though that in 2004 we were still ranked in 6th place??

Last week the CPI index for 2006 was also republished. That is a perceived corruption index. Also on this index, Belgiums score went down a bit, so we are now the 19th least corrupt country in the world. We share this spot with the USA and Chili.

In all those indexes, it's the Scandinavian countries that are on top. But also Canada does always very well, I must say. Well, I already knew that Canada was a great place to live. Even without a government video ;) . And I do love Belgium as well to be honest.


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