Me? Stressed yesterday? Really? why?

To my colleagues who mock my face that copied the color of my bright red sweater yesterday like a cameleon, when I realised that the software system was crashing and that all users were one by one being kicked out until we had 5 inactive depots:

* Next time the helpdesk gets a call that every picknote in depot also prints an unsollicited 8 page report: Warn me and let me escape before the system falls apart!
* Next time the helpdesk gets a call that users see all numbers on their screen multiplied by 1000: Same instructions.

To the person that was smart enough to somehow delete or corrupt an important object on the iSeries server in Edingburgh: Thanx a lot for making our day not boring at all!!

Anyway, we managed to get some workaround so that all depots could already start to prepare some orders and then after a couple of hours , we announce relieved that all was up and running again.

But some questions remain :

* Why are Scottisch people so difficult to understand on the phone? And how often can you ask someone to repeat himself before it gets embarrassing for yourself?
No offence guys, but could you try to articulate just a little bit more? I must admit that I sometimes just say "ahuh, yes yes ahuh...." while thinking "what?? I hope that last bit was not important."

* Why does our team always picks up eurovision song contest be sung out loud?
If the Ernst & Young auditors sitting in the room next door to us, think the company is wacko, we will look very innocent!

Tee tee tee tee teedeedeedee (go Thor!)

* Would it be effective to tell some users that the crash was either caused by A) one or more users that keep on passing on their logins to unauthorised colleagues despite multiple warnings B) users not counting the inventory on the instructed day C) users persisting in not following procedures ???? Could that maybe change their behaviour?

* How come that all depots complain about a lack of personnel but they can catch up 4,5 downtown with relatively little delais???

* Why is it so hard to write the text of a training or procedure if you can't access the software to make screenshots even though you do know the process by heart?

Tee tee tee tee teedeedeedee!!!!!!!


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