Memories of my ear tubes

Hahaha, sorry, I like that title myself since it seems to start about something sweet, poetic, nostalgic...which totally does not seem to match with the subject of ear tubes :p. Don't worry, I don't have an unhealthy obsession with eartubes. On the contrary: I had no clear clue what the things were. Much to my surprise they are what they say they are: little tubes through the eardrum.

But today Stef got some of them to relieve his recurring ear infections and since I am still in the mood of child memories, I remembered that I have had ear tubes as well.

I remember being in the hospital in a hall with lots of babybeds and we all were wearing white pyama's or clothes or robes??? That was probably the only time ever that I've been a patient in a hospital. I don't remember at all how long it has taken or what the mini-surgery was like. I only remember being in the bed with my mom next to me and she told me not to cry. And that was unfair because all the other children were crying in their beds and they were allowed to. I remember very strangely this feeling of unfairness (or jealousy?).

Later on I mainly remember getting my bath and my mom washing my hair with the spray. Then I always stuck my fingers in my ear, in order not to get too much water in my ears. or I held a washing cloth from ear to ear, also covering my eyes. This had a double also kept the foam out of my eyes. Too bad I don't have a picture of myself doing so.


Allie said…
Poor little Stef. Please give the little man a great big hug from us. I know that this will help him in the long run but still .... poor little guy.

On a side note Ellen - are you sure that it was ear tubes that you were in the hospital for? Not a labotomy? :P
Betsy said…
Poor Stef! Getting ear tubes put in sounds pretty painful but I've heard that they really help. Ear infections can be so painful-- I'll bet he'll be so happy when this prevents them!

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