New marketing technique?

Do you ever shop with your friend in a store? Do you also have difficulty to stay together? I usually do. Jan and I have a totally different shopping style. For me , grocery shopping is mainly functional and if I am on my own, I usually have this goal in my mind for a certain dish I want to prepare or for some things that we need. Jan on the contrary never knows beforehand what he will cook and just wanders through the isles and loves looking at all the products that are on offer, check out new things that exist and getting inspiration for food and meals like that.

I do enjoy wondering around for a little bit, but in the end I never have the patience to remain next to Jan and so I start running around on my own, getting quickly the things we surely need to buy and then I run back to where Jan is in the mean time to put the things I carry in our cart. And sometimes I loose where he is and I am going up and down the mail isle to check in all side directions where Jan would be in the mean time :p.

Yesterday we were getting some groceries as well because we'd have a friend over for dinner in the evening and although I had already cooked a cow tongue ready, but we needed the ingredients for Madeira sauce , vegetables, ..... At one point I came up with some peeled and cut tomatoes in a can because I had used them all and I see Jan a bit further looking at some wine. Glad I found him again, I put the can in the cart, only to see a very surprised woman turn around "I think that is my cart". At a glance I notice that indeed in the cart, there are not the things we were buying.

A bit embarrassed and a bit amused I stumble " Oh sorry, i just wanted to recommend these peeled tomatoes to you to help you choose". She rambles a bit about the difficult choise in choosing wine and we both went away. But a bit later, I actually see her buying 3 cans of peeled tomatoes !!! Haha that was so funny. She did not buy my suggested brand though, but I don't know if it was a coincidence that she actually went up to buy peeled tomatoes.

So maybe I just invented a new marketing technique....have some distracted "shoppers" in the store , accidently adding products other peoples carts. I guess it would work as long as it isn't widely spread. Just imagine such a strategy being applied in'd just get paranoia from other shoppers walking closeby your cart "Leave me alone, I am not interested in your product, don't touch my cart!!" :p.

I must have been a bit too distracted because we came home without the madeira wine for the madeira sauce. Oh well, our cow tongue and its sauce became still exellent with Jan's help and we enjoyed it very much.

Allie, here is a picture on your request. I should have thought about taking a picture before it was cut up though...that would have been more interesting to show you :p...but I am sure you can find pictures on the internet of a huge boiled cow tongue.


Allie said…
I have to admit that I am a little squeamish about the thought of eating cow tongue, but I would eat it nevertheless. Your picture certainly makes it appealing though ....

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