Publicity car

When I was driving home today, a small truck/pick-up passed me by at a fairly high speed. I think I had passed it once myself, but I had not really paid attention to it or its passengers.

When it passes by me I thought that it was going pretty fast for a light truck and then I saw a couple of guys hanging out of the windows of the passenger seats shouting in my direction. "Stupid childish macho's" I thought, thinking they were just making gestures to me because I was a woman behind the wheel. Only then I realised they were all holding a can of Jupiler beer out and pointing to them. I couldn't help but smile ...

...there are moments I still forget I drive a car with Maes beer publicity on it. And that it draws more attention then an anonymous car. Although they made it very clear they preferred the beer of our biggest competitor (and the Belgian market leader), I didn't feel insulted. They caught me that much by surprise that they actually left me with a smile on my face.


Allie said…
Ellen - you are probably a dream girl for them!

What man wouldn't love a woman who promotes beer? :P

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