A scary halloween to all of you

Despite all the store decorations in the last years and talk in the media about the growing hype...I can only say that it is not a custom spread throughout our culture yet... I haven't seen any kids trick or treating in Belgium yet, neither all my colleagues knew it was supposed to be tonight. Maybe the kids will all be in Ghent so let's wait if some pictures gent.blogt gets pictures to publish. But it still seems a truly commercial thing here in Belgium or something restricted to student parties, school craft activities or theme parks that now can attract people still in the end of October. But it is growing and spreading despite all the accusations of media imported commercialism.

But for all the kids across the North Sea and across the Atlantic....Have a real spooky spooky night !!! [include now some evil laughter].

And don't eat all the candy just yet or this evil spider might come after you tonight!!! (or a little arctic ice mouse, right Allie?)


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