We came by Ikea, we cursed, we succeeded

Tips and tricks for Ikea basement rack builders:

* thinking that all necessary tools are part of the Ikea packages is naïeve! You still need your own tools.
* thinking that a little tool that you still had laying around will survive all the bolts that need to be fastened is naieve. You are just to strong for that and your force will break your tool.
* Bolts from Ikea have slight differences in size so even when you fix your tool as good as you can, it only helps for half of the bolts.
* There are no "do-it-yourself" stores open on a Sunday afternoon. Even when you think that they should because they are abroad, they remain closed! Driving around does not convince store owners to open up.
* It is easier to first do the most difficult corner and then continue building from there. But hey...why would you make it easy if you can later on twist yourself in impossible turns to twist those last bolts and to fit the pieces in between the exact space that is left for them?
* Being experienced in sliding puzzles helps as you might need to move some pieces out of the space where they are meant to be, to get other pieces in their spot, to move back the original place.
* Belgians must be winedrinkers since the wineracks were out of stock (3 missing).

But don't we have the cooles nicest space to stock loads of stuff!!!! Yeaaah we rock.


Betsy said…
Every time we move we promise each other: NO MORE IKEA FURNITURE! But every time we end up caving in, because, all hassles aside, they're really the best choice for that price.

When we moved here we needed to buy a closet for our bedroom. We went to a bunch of different stores and saw some rather nice closets, but they ran from EUR 3000 to EUR 6,500!!! Price at Ikea? EUR850.

I'm willing to put up with mismatched bolts and a color mishap if it can save that much money...

Enjoy your new storage space!
Goofball said…
hmm our true Ikea challenge will happen when I move. Since I knew that my appartment would be temporary, I stuffed it completely with second hand furniture of my family and new Ikea things.

I only fear that taking Ikea furniture apart again and then moving it and then putting it all together again in a stable way, will not be so simple.... fingers crossed for end of January!

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