We'd better be good in the coming weeks....

...since Sinterklaas officially arrived in Antwerp by boat from Spain!



Allie said…
Are you sure? Because Santa was spotted here in Calgary last weekend at the big Santa Claus parade and now he is to make another appearance on Friday at a mall!

How does he get to Calgary if he can't arrive by boat?
Goofball said…
Well....I did suspect as a child that Sinterklaas had the ability to stop time. how else could he finish this job of bringing presents to all children in one night??? So why could he not be in Calgary during day time in Canada and in Belgium in our daytime... There is a timelap of 8 hours!!

But you are saying that Santa did not come from Spain by steamship????
Was he riding a white horse? Was Zwarte Piet there to help him and to make jokes and throw out candy???

Well be carefull you are not dealing with a wannabe Sinterklaas ;) confusing a white horse with reindeer. And shoes with socks.

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