A Christmas street full of flashing lights

I think our neighbours should be worried. Maybe we should put a red warning light outside our house cause every time we seem to work in the bedroom on the first floor, something spectacular happens out in the street.

Last month, Jan all of a sudden noticed that a car had crashed and was laying on its roof on the street a little further. Today a lot of sirens came by, but they often do so we don't really pay much attention to it anymore. Emergency vehicles often use them for crossing the traffic lights next to our doors so it didn't even trigger my attention that the sirens stopped just in front of us. But then we realised there were 2 flashing firetrucks outside and a flashing police car. Huh? Is our house on fire?

7 fireman were walking around on the sidewalk in front of our houses and those of the neighbours with a "sniffer" whereas the policeguy was a bit nervous because he anxiously wanted to know whether he needed to evacuate. We soon realised it had to do with the gas smell we often notice outside.

Gosh when we phoned the gas company they didn't even move within a week to come and check it out !! They assured us on the phone that it was a known problem but not too bad. Next time we'll sure think about phoning the firedepartment as well. The type of reaction that is triggered was surely different!

The gas company arrived too, with flashing light, they checked out the spot where they worked last time. The sight was funny: 7 firemen and 1 policeguy in a little circle around a gas technician on his knees on the parking spot, all staring at his fingers closely, with half of the street being blocked by flashing emergency vehicles. Unfortunately the end result was not that impressive since the conclusion was that the gas smell was too faint and that the risk was too small to do anything.

I wonder if they'd all come out again if I phone tomorrow that there is a gas smell in the road? When is it bad enough to phone? Pfff tough question.


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