London museumwonderland

Thursday was a fairly good day out in London and I enjoyed the change of the guards in the sun just while Lisa was landing on Heathrow. We however had both a very short night, so the rest of the day was limited by some catching up time, resting and going out for dinner.

Lisa could also enjoy still a little bit of Portobello Road in the sun the next day, but unfortunately then the weather gods gave up on us. But that is ok, we both turn out to be Museum lovers and we both actually read all the information hanging up. As a result we both move slowely but more or less at the same pace through a museum.(whereas with Jan, he disappears out of sight within 5 minutes and finishes a hall in one third of the time I I end up visiting on my own in reality ). But not so with Lisa: we are great museumbuddies!

So Tate Modern floor 3 was great: Magritte, MirĂ³, Dali, ...and other surrealists, Rothko, Pollock and his wife, Bacon, Picasso, Braque, ... and many many more artists that I have forgotten now (sorry men!). Yummie yummie what an artistic feast but after a day of walking in London 3 hours of wandering in front of paintings, it's quite tiring on the feet. (and closest tube station is St Pauls....or were we mistaken?)

The mizzering rain of Friday turned into pouring pouring rain on Saturday; Even after a short walk, we were soaking wet. Fortunately the Design Museum near the Tower Bridge kept us busy until we had to get ready for the Eurostar.


Allie said…
I am envious!! I love museums too!!!

Glad to hear that you are having a great time!

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